Yellow Brick Road – Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road – Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte

We teach what’s working NOW!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover building an appointment-generating engine the smart way:

  • ​Why this approach is superior to ALL other forms of prospecting
  • ​Why the biggest most successful agencies ALL use this model. (pretty much no exceptions)
  • ​How much experience should you require for the appointment setter job?
  • ​​Wasting my time interviewing novices OR are novices the best?
  • ​Interviewing On Skype, Zoom or good old fashioned phone
  • ​Are places like Upwork a good place to start?..or do they suck?
  • ​Forget Craigslist…OR is it a hidden Goldmine?
  • ​Nobody’ Fool: Realistic expectations advertising for appt setters
  • ​Are Bonuses important or a waste of money?
  • ​Tactics for using bonuses correctly. (when bonuses can hurt!)
  • ​Questions you MUST ask them & ones to avoid…
  • ​Secrets to maintaining good rapport without kissing a**
  • What’s the right and wrong way to pay appointment setters?
  • Sneaky? Should they all be on the same pay scale?
  • ​SPECIFIC pay examples you need to know.
  • ​Is there software you recommend?
  • ​Clever way to track their hours on the phone making calls.
  • ​If they complain, maybe YOU’RE The problem?
  • ​We reveal the best way to train appt setters. (light years ahead)
  • ​How do I avoid paying their taxes AND Stay Legal?
  • ​What’s the Best, Easiest, Tested Script for them to use?
  • ​Be honest, how long until they are really productive?
  • ​Want to fire someone? Here’s how we do it

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