Side Hustle: Entrepreneurship Skills to Start a Business

Side Hustle: Entrepreneurship Skills to Start a Business

Side Hustle: Entrepreneurship Skills to Start a Business

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Instructors: Joeel & Natalie Rivera,Victor Fontane,Transformation Services

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We are top Udemy instructors in the personal development category. Our courses have been taken by over 300,000+ happy students from 195 countries.

We have a thriving community in the course and we are actively involved and answer questions within 24h.


Are you tired of feeling stressed about your finances?

Do you wish you didn’t feel dependent on someone else for a paycheck?

Do you wish you could provide more for those you love?

Do you wish you could make money doing what you love?

Are you ready to create a startup and start and an entrepreneurship journey?

We understand… we both started our first side hustles because we wanted more out of life.

In fact we got tired of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like we were trapped. We hated that we had to stress about whether or not we could afford to buy something or do what we really wanted.

We believe entrepreneurship, having your startup, and being self-employment is the ultimate form of empowerment, and we want to empower YOU to take back control of your money, your life, and your freedom!

We are joeel and Natalie Rivera. We’re serial entrepreneurs who have created various startups including:

·        Photography company

·        Import business

·        Holistic virtual office center

·        Adolescent coaching center for at risk youth

·        Book publishing company

·        Magazine

·        Life coach training institute

·        Conferences, festivals and speaking

·        Online course academy

We have also worked with 100’s of startups and entrepreneurs to help them create their business.

The real transformation happened for us when we realized that we could have an idea, research it and launch it and make more money in a week with our startup than we made at our job in a month. We have created over a dozen startups to fully functional business in over 2 decades, and we used what we learned to escape the rat race and build a thriving business that allows us to live life on our terms. And now we’re teaching everything we’ve learned to you so you can launch your start up and begin your entrepreneurship journey.

Now is the perfect time to create a startup and your side hustle. Technological advancements have made it fast and easy to create and market a startup or plug into existing money-making side-gigs.

There’s a new business and startup guru popping up every day—but the problem is there is SO MUCH information being thrown around about how to make money or start a startup. And, worse, a lot feels so complicated and overwhelming… like raising capital and managing employees… and it sounds expensive and time consuming! But, what if making money on your terms, doing what you love, following your entrepreneurship dream didn’t have to be so hard—well, it doesn’t!

There are literally hundreds of ways you could start making money TOMORROW in your spare time with a startup…

… and if you want to go beyond just making some extra cash, you can use proven processes for growing your side hustle or startup into a business that can replace your job and give you the freedom to love your life again.

In this course, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to:

·        Choose the right startup idea for you and flesh out how to launch it

·        Find time, stay motivated, and start quick

·        Hack productivity, automate, and scale your business

The best part about creating a startups NOW is that entrepreneurship is the future of employment. With all of the changes happening in the world due to rapid technological growth, we are moving to a gig economy. While our grandparents’ generation had 1 job in their lifetime and our parents had an average of 5 jobs, it is projected that our children will have 5 at a time—and most not as an employee. Don’t wait to see if your industry is going to change dramatically in the next 10 years, start taking back control of your finances and your life NOW by learning how to play the game of entrepreneurship and creating a startup.

So, are you ready to transform your life by starting a side hustle and taking your life back? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!

Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason. 

So who are we?

We are joeel and Natalie Rivera. We own a digital media publishing company and an online course and training company called Transformation Academy. We’re serial entrepreneurs who have started businesses including a photography company, an import business, a holistic virtual office center, an adolescent coaching center for at risk youth, a book publishing company, a magazine, a life coach training institute, as well as running conferences, festivals and creating online courses. All of our programs are based on our decade of experience as coaches, speakers, and in social services, as well as my experience as a psychology instructor, my Master’s in Counseling and Education and my research on happiness for my dissertation for my PH.D. in Psychology. At the time of this recording, we have more than 60 online courses and over 300,000+ students from 195 countries.

Self-employment is the ultimate form of empowerment, so we are excited to see you in the course!




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