PodHacker – Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

PodHacker – Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

PodHacker – Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

Learn The New Way of Using A Podcast To Build A Tribe, Grow Your Business & Create Multiple Streams Of Income…

Dear Podcaster,

Whether you already have a podcast that you’re struggling to grow, or you’re looking to launch one… Listen up.

These days everyone wants to start a podcast…

…because they’ve heard it’s a great way to network with bigger names in their industry while building an audience, and making money from it.

But most people don’t know how to grow a podcast, let alone make a full-time income from one.

We know this because there are still lots of old-school podcasters teaching outdated strategies, and ideas that haven’t worked for seven years.

You’ve probably heard things like …

..If you just stay consistent and keep publishing high-quality episodes your audience will grow and your podcast will get discovered…

…You should post every episode of your podcast on ALL the social media platforms to increase your audience…

…Once you’re discovered you’ll be able to get big-name guests which will explode your download numbers…

And you’ll be able to monetize your podcast, and get sponsorship.

But those outdated publish and pray strategies don’t work anymore because podcasting has evolved over the years…

There are quicker and easier ways to get your first 100,000 downloads and start making a full-time income from your podcast without “grinding” for three-plus years.

Think of it this way…

If there was a treasure map with a huge chest of gold coins at a specific address in the next state over, and you were driving there to go collect the booty…

Would you rather use an old paper topographical map with outdated streets and roads that you weren’t sure would get you there…

Or would you rather open up your phone and in two seconds find the fastest step by step route there with Google Maps?

Using the outdated publish and pray strategies from old podcasters is like using the old paper topographical map to get to the treasure chest…

While using Google Maps on your phone is just like using our done for you systems, plug and play templates, checklists and copy and paste emails…

So you can:

Launch a podcast in under a day.

Make a full time income from your podcast affiliates and sponsorships.

Learn how to get the biggest names in your industry booked out months in advance…

And we’ll even show you how to control the traffic from your podcast so you can make more money from it, and not be a slave to Apple Podcasts…

All without having to “grind” for three years hoping that one day you’ll be one of the lucky podcasters who gets discovered.

We know this system works because we used it to go from embarrassingly low download numbers and no income a few years ago…

And behind closed doors we’ve taught this system to some of the biggest names in podcasting, and digital marketing.

We’ve helped Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier at Digital Marketer with their podcasts, and have been recommended by them as the go to authorities in growing and monetizing a podcast. Check out what he had to say below!

Luckily over the years we polished our podcasting and business skills, but we only improved because of all the mistakes we made along the way like…

  • Spending 5+ hours on every podcast episode editing audio, creating show notes and uploading it all
  • Letting Apple Podcasts control ALL our podcast traffic…
  • Trying to pump out episode after episode to “get discovered”…
  • Interviewing the wrong kinds of guests…
  • Or thinking more downloads was the key to making more money.
  • And in reality, we could fill a short novel with our podcasting mistakes…
  • But there was one big thing that we were missing that we didn’t even know at the time…

And it became crystal clear what we were missing during a conversation with Roland Frasier from Digital Marketer…

He was explaining an easy SYSTEM we could use to consistently get bigger names on our Hustle and Flowchart podcast.

And in that moment we both realized what the missing link was to growing and monetizing our podcast…

…Simple, repeatable plug & play systems, and templates for EVERYTHING we do as podcasters and affiliate marketers.

Since 2017 when we realized what the missing link was for the Hustle and Flowchart podcast…

We started creating, implementing and tweaking the plug-and-play systems and templates we still use today.

And the results even shocked us…

Because these simple systems and plug-and-play templates have allowed us to…

Consistently get guests like Billy Gene, Jay Abraham, James Altucher, and Dave Asprey on the podcast.

It allowed us to grow the podcast to 50,000+ downloads per month while spending less than 16 hours combined monthly on it.

And build our affiliate sales, and sponsorships up to multiple seven figures.

But we’d like to be clear about something…

And if you’re STILL wondering exactly what we have for you behind the curtain of the PodHacker System here it is…

Core Pillar #1

We take you through our Launch, Grow and Scale system.

  • You’ll learn the 9 steps in the PodHacker Journey so you know how to put the pieces together to grow your podcast and profit from it faster than 99.9% of podcasters.
  • In the “What & Why Of Podcasting” training you’ll learn how we only spend 2 days per month to create 8 episodes and only use $500 worth of equipment (between us both) to grow and monetize our podcast.
  • The 21 Best Ways To Monetize a Podcast Checklist PDF.
  • The 26 BEST ways To Grow a Podcast Checklist PDF.

Core Pillar #2

You’ll learn the step-by-step basics of getting your initial podcast setup, and booking bigger names consistently.

  • You’ll get outreach and scheduling templates so you know exactly how to connect, and get big name guests on your podcast by just hitting send on pre-written emails.
  • Use our automated emails to remind guests to show up, and to let them know when their episode goes live so they post and help grow your audience and reach!
  • The step-by-step process of getting podcasts recorded, uploaded and tutorials on audio editing and creating featured images.
  • Learn how to structure your episodes using our questions checklist and guest research process that ensures the best show possible!

Core Pillar #3

Growth Strategies To Consistently Increase Your Audience.

  • The Podcast Marketing Checklist For Social Media so you can hack social media platforms, and immediately grow your podcast for free.
  • The rarely discussed trick of advertising your podcast in specific apps to EXPLODE your reach and growth early on.
  • Learn the “One Sentence Ad Strategy” we’ve only taught behind closed doors at conferences.
  • The #1 strategy we use to get BIG names, and influencers on our show.
  • How to get in front of influencers using Facebook ads and paid media.
  • How to turn 1 episode into 27 pieces of content so you can save time and energy having your podcast everywhere using one cool trick.
  • Bonus Training: How To Get On More Podcasts and a PDF Checklist that gives you the blueprint to follow.

Core Pillar #4

How To Make Money From Your Podcast (Lots of Money)

  • How to use “Micro Continuity” to get your audience into a low cost offer and have them buying more from you in less time.
  • Learn how to use your podcast show notes to make monthly recurring income in a unique way NO one else in podcasting is teaching but us!
  • The Podcast sponsorship model we use that allows us to make more money per listener than Joe Rogan.
  • A complete blueprint on how to get sponsorships: Email templates, pricing, and a done for you sponsorship agreement (the same one we use)
  • How to use Amazon affiliate links to get paid for bigger items like a TV when you linked to a book in your show notes.
  • The #1 Money Maker most podcasters miss out on that’s a hidden GOLD mine.
  • Bonus: The BONUS strategy we use to sweeten the deal in affiliate marketing that helps boost sales.
  • Bonus Training: How to sell swag and do affiliate marketing on the back end of the podcast.
  • Bonus: Podcast Monetization checklist
  • Resources: A rolodex of Tools, Trainings and Resources at your fingertips.
  • World Class Marketing Master Classes Monthly: Imagine having access to top-tier marketing experts to help you to grow your podcast and make more money from it monthly. With our monthly Expert Sessions we’re giving you access to our network of world class marketers who are coming in to help you grow and monetize your podcast!

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