John Murphy – Ecom SEO Formula

Ecom SEO Formula

John Murphy – Ecom SEO Formula

Learn How I Generate $2M+ Per Year in Sales from Organic Traffic

Do you rely on paid ads to get traffic? I did too, until I got banned from running ads! I share my journey and how I turned it around and my Ecom SEO Formula came to be

Here’s What’s Included In The Course

My exact guide that I personally use on my store to get organic sales every day of the week. It’s a step by step course that shows you exactly where to start, how to outrank your competitors and get the majority of the organic traffic actively looking for what you sell.

Module #1

Content Strategy – Creation and Implementation – Siloing

Module #2

Basic Technical SEO to Help with Organic Rankings

Module #3

Dream 100 – Building an Affiliate Army

Module #4

Backlink Strategies

Bonus #1

How To Scale in 90 Days (My Exact Process)

Bonus #2

Optimizations That Supercharge Rankings

Bonus #3

How To Outsource The Whole Process

Bonus #4

Quarterly Q&As with John and all Recorded and available forever


Kristina Azarenko – eCommerce SEO Mastery

eCommerce SEO (Finally) Explained? Yes, Please!

Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce is not easy. But it will be after you finish the eCommerce SEO Mastery eBook. Save your time and get exactly what you need in just one place.

This eBook will help any online store to get traffic and sales using SEO. But the tips I’m sharing here will also work for other website types such as:

  • Dealerships
  • Marketplaces
  • Real Estate Directories

The techniques I share in the Training are applicable to different platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, X-Cart or any other content management system.

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