Jason James – How I Made 24000 In One Hour

Jason James – How I Made 24000 In One Hour

Jason James – How I Made 24000 In One Hour

Bullshit slogan cliche:

“Discover Exactly How I Made $24,000 In One Hour Using Little Known Techniques, Covert Psychological Tactics, And Honest-Loophole Shortcuts!”

Table of Contents:

  • Page 4…..Affiliate Marketing: What It Is
  • Page 6…..Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started
    • Point 1: Have The Tools You Need
    • Point 2: Know Where To Find The Best Programs
    • Point 3: Understand The Language
    • Point 4: Get The Best Commission
  • Page 13…..Affiliate Programs: One-Time or Residual?
    • Point 5: Residual Programs Are Often Best
    • Point 6: Promote the Product and The Program
  • Page 15…..Affiliate Promotion: Your Ezine
    • Point 7: You Must Have A List
    • Point 8: You Must Provide Your Readers With Content
  • Page 17…..Affiliate Promotion: Your Blog
    • Point 9: You Need A Blog
    • Point 10: You Need Blog Readers
    • Point 11: Do Not Leave Money On The Table
  • Page 20…..Affiliate Promotion: Using PPC
    • Point 12: PPC Doesn’t Always Work
    • Point 13: Drive PPC Traffic To The Right Place
    • Point 14: The Top Keywords Are Not Always Best
  • Page 23…..Affiliate Promotion: Teleseminars & Webinars
    • Point 15: Why Teleseminars Work
    • Point 16: Why Webinars Work
    • Point 17: Know How To Get Participation
  • Page 26…..Affiliate Programs: Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Program
    • Point 18: Understand The Importance of An Affiliate Program
    • Point 19: Use The Right Affiliate Management Software
    • Point 20: Keep Your Affiliates Motivated
    • Point 21: Find Super Affiliates
  • Page 30…..Affiliate Marketing: Caveats To Watch For
    • Point 22: Avoid Bad Programs
    • Point 23: Avoid Low Commissions
    • Point 24: Read The Terms and Conditions
    • Point 25: You Get Out What You Put In


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