Fearless Relationship Building – Paul Borgese

Fearless Relationship Building Paul Borgese

Fearless Relationship Building – Paul Borgese

FEARLESS Relationship Building Will Help You Sell More and Sell Faster

If you’ve been struggling in sales and are serious about finding a solution – that is, you’re NOT looking for a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, take a moment and find out the 51 sales strategies, tactics and techniques that you will learn from the Special Report, FEARLESS Relationship Building:

  1. The two key Emotional Hooks that will help you convince anyone to do almost anything;
  2. Find out the seven major pitfalls that most salespeople never seem to shake when it comes to building trust and generating prospect interest;
  3. Discover long-forgotten techniques used by some of the most persuasive leaders the world has ever known, including: Socrates, Aristotle, Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton;
  4. Shorten your sales cycle by tapping into the emotional needs of your prospects so that they bug you to call them back and present your solutions;
  5. Empathize with your prospect to build credibility about the issues that are important to them;
  6. Differentiate yourself from your competitors so that you have an almost unfair advantage over them;
  7. Magnify the desirability of your offer by using the stick – as well as the typical carrot tactics – that have made FEAR Selling so successful as a comprehensive system;
  8. Build credibility early on in the sales process so that subsequent steps will flow much more quickly and easily;
  9. Find out when to use bonding techniques and when you should back off from attempting to bond with your prospect;
  10. Leverage the leadership skills that are relevant to success in your sales career – because sales is nothing more than leading people to your solutions;
  11. Speed up your sales training since the FEAR Selling research team has included the best practices from dozens of today’s most successful trainers;
  12. Avoid assumptions that may ruin your chances of closing the sale early on;
  13. Focus less on presenting – do less talking – and more interviewing of your prospect – more of what is known as “active listening”;
  14. How to bond quickly with your prospects on an emotional level so that they are less likely to resist your suggestions – and more likely to follow you quickly toward the close;
  15. Although FEAR Selling is a comprehensive sales system that works without the need of any other training, some of our students have opted to use FEAR Selling tactics to fine tune an already-existing sales system that they are comfortable with;
  16. How to differentiate your product/service through superior positioning and trust building tactics that will knock your competition out of the running;
  17. Ease your prospects with less resistance – and thus quicker – by using sales jujitsu moves that enable you to use the momentum of your prospects’ attitudes and behavior to your advantage;
  18. Use empathy strategies that enable you to quickly understand the perspective of your prospects so that you can see the situation as they see it and thus take advantage of what will persuade them and avoid what will cause them to resist your pitch;
  19. Learn the key techniques that top salespeople employ in order to avoid seeming too pushy and too much like a saleperson;
  20. Leverage relationship-building techniques that have been proven to work in all persuasion situations based on years of clinical psychology studies;
  21. Determine when to sell to people’s pains and when to focus on their future fears or hopes;
  22. Find out what motivators drive your prospect – are they more driven by hope or fear?
  23. Develop prospect-focused pain points early in the sales process that you can then leverage and build upon as you advance through the process;
  24. Learn to nudge your prospects out of their Comfort Zones so that they have to take some action – and thus enable you to sell to them now – or move on and spend your time elsewhere;
  25. How to position yourself so that your prospects invite you in, which changes the power dynamic in your favor;
  26. Learn the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how top salespeople use NLP techniques to complement their sales strategies;
  27. Discover the sales hypnosis tactics used by NLP practitioners and how they relate to the FEAR Selling System;
  28. How to program yourself so that you have a higher chance of succeeding in sales;
  29. How to use NLP programming techniques to figure out your prospects’ “buying strategies” which will guide you to crafting an effective sales presentation;
  30. Learn the difference between pacing and leading and when to use each technique to maximum effectiveness;
  31. Unlike other sales training systems that teach you that bonding with your prospect is the first step, FEAR Selling starts with how to get face-time with your prospect and shows you how to get that first meeting so that you have the opportunity to start the bonding process;
  32. How to tap curiosity- and trust-building tactics that will keep your prospects coming back for more – and thus giving you multiple chances to close them;
  33. Strategies to quickly make you appear to be an expert in the areas that are most important to your prospects;
  34. Throw your prospects off their guard by getting them comfortable and uncomfortable in rapid succession – it will do wonders for your bottom line;
  35. Best ways to open up conversations with prospects so that you don’t seem like a salesman – and thus increasing your chances of successfully bonding with them as a trusted advisor;
  36. The two pressure points of empathy and how to apply them to maximum effect;
  37. Tap into research about what makes people like and trust other people so that you can begin developing your instant trust-building skills;
  38. How to use the Them-and-Us Mentality to distance your prospects for their current vendors and make them see you as a trusted advisor;
  39. Learn the top-line sociological reasons why certain people are able to lead people – and why other salespeople fail miserably at persuasion;
  40. When not to use scare tactics to motivate your prospects because it might turn them off;
  41. Learn the Fear-Hope Continuum and how to quickly determine where you are on this trust-building spectrum with your current prospects – and how to quickly move them along so that they are more likely to buy from you now;
  42. Discover 4 specific empathy tactics that all top salespeople use in one form or another;
  43. How to employ NLP Matching and Mirroring Techniques so that you don’t come off as someone who is obviously trying to persuade them – but rather as the trusted advisor;
  44. Learn other hypnotic keys to non-verbal communication, which, if you are not using already, might be costing you sales;
  45. How to take notes during a meeting with your prospects – it’s not just scribbling down words on a piece of paper;
  46. Everybody tells you that you must listen more and be more customer-focused, but that’s vague advice – how do you actually do that? Find out exactly how.
  47. Learn how the tyrants of the 20th century – Hitler and Stalin – employed FEAR Marketing tactics to take control of their countries – but what they didn’t know that lost them their countries – and ultimately – their lives;
  48. Learn how master persuaders such as Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan used parables to win the hearts and minds of people through emotional storytelling;
  49. Learn the 2 most effective story-telling structures – and when to use them to influence your prospects to take the next step willingly;
  50. How to help magnify the seriousness of your prospect’s problems in their mind so that they are more likely to take action and buy from you now; and
  51. Differentiate yourself from the other salespeople who are lined up waiting to speak to your prospect and hammering away on the phones calling the same people you are.

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