Ellievate Your Credit Toolkit – Ellie Talks Money

Ellievate Your Credit Toolkit – Ellie Talks Money

Ellievate Your Credit Toolkit – Ellie Talks Money

Ellievate Your Credit Toolkit Information

Your days of bad credit are over. I have had 2 repossessions, 8 items in collections, 2 charged-off credit cards, and at least 5 late payments. Yet, I was still able to clean up my credit and raise my score from 485 to 710 BY MYSELF.

As a mom of 4, it wasn’t always in the budget to hire a credit company to clean my credit for me. Some of those packages were well over $100 per month! That’s diapers, wipes, and baby food ya’ll.

So, I learned how to do it myself. Through watching countless videos and reading the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I learned that consumers have a right to dispute negative items on their credit and also question their validity.

This is through a section of the FCRA called Section 609. This tool kit includes the EXACT letters I used to dispute all of the collections, repossessions, and negative items I had on my credit which resulted in a 75 point increase in 60 days.

Here’s everything you get:

  • Dispute Letter Templates to all 3 Credit Bureaus (Rounds 1 – 3)
  • Goodwill Letter Templates to send to Individual Creditors
  • Collection Agency Script (What To Say and What Not To Say)
  • Websites and Apps to Build Your Credit and Payment History
  • Tradeline/Piggybacking Option (You get access to $10-$50k in credit line as an Authorized User)

If I can do it, you definitely can. Having excellent credit gives you access to SO much. Including the ability to gain capital which will help you obtain more assets. It’s time to get great credit NOW.

See you inside!


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