60-Minute Makeovers Copywriting Mini-Course – Laura Belgray

60-Minute Makeovers Copywriting Mini-Course – Laura Belgray

60-Minute Makeovers Copywriting Mini-Course – Laura Belgray

In this easy-to-digest reader…

You’ll get to see small, but crucial, nips and tucks that make all the difference.

Swap a word here, delete a word there.

Suck the fat out of this part, plump up that part.

What to write, what not to write.

On your homepage, your Services page, your header and tagline, your emails to leads, your About page, even a physical mailer.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The homepage that missed the emotional mark with farmers…transformed so it grabs them by the farm-fresh eggs.
  • The gift shopping site for people in recovery that tried too hard to be “sassy”…retooled to strike a note of effortless cool.
  • The tagline that went from “all about me, me, me” to “all about the customer” with just one word.
  • The services page for couple’s therapy that was off-putting…. tweaked to make couples feel the love and say “We’re in!!”
  • The tech website that went from “jumble of jargon” robot-speak to clear, personable human-ese.
  • The opt-in for Airbnb hosts that went from snoozeriffic to snap-up-abble.
  • The law-school course sales page that needed to stop sounding like a law professor.
  • The financial advisor’s site that needed a few rich details to finally resonate.
  • The wine company’s mailer that was pouring for the wrong (and cheap) crowd — given a top note of exclusivity.
  • The transformed retail site for chic diaper bags with a mission. (Don’t let the adorable “before” fool you.)
  • The underwater-photographer’s About page that wanted a splash of personality and resonance.
  • A targeted email for real estate agents, who always need help standing out and converting leads into clients.
  • The social media consultant’s Work With Me page that was sounding like too much work.
  • The edgy branding agency’s homepage that needed more edge, innuendo, and immediacy.
  • The “financial personal trainer” site that was training people to click away…and needed language that was more on the money.

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